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Elevate Touch
Los Angeles United States Massage
Aria Vesper, owner and therapist at Elevate Touch, is dedicated to excellence in bodywork. She combines natural intuition and superior touch sensitivity to pinpoint specific trouble areas and apply optimal pressure consistently. Her motto is "firm, but gentle." She takes care to tune in to the client's body by listening to the breath and monitoring the subtle guarding and relaxing of tissue in response to her touch. In this way, she dances on the border of therapeutic sensation--never overstepping the boundary into pain or discomfort. She believes that trust is necessary between client and therapist in order to achieve deep relaxation on the table, and that trust begins to build the moment her hands make contact. Aria's vast well of compassion is what drove her to seek out a career in the healing arts. More than just relief of physical tensions, she finds that many people could use a dose of healthy, platonic affection--and touch. In today's society, though physical closeness can be easy to come by, it seems that true love, connection, and meaningful closeness is much harder to find. She is blessed with the ability to make others feel valued and loved. She genuinely desires to bring about the most robust healing experience possible for each person she works with, and that intention is tangible in the quality of her touch. She gains great fulfillment through aiding others on their journey to healing, and is grateful for the opportunity to help others by doing what she was made to do. ​So go ahead, elevate your expectations.

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