White Light Massage

Health is not obtained within an hour, or a day, but maintained over time.
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Country: United States City: The Woodlands State: Tx
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Phone: 936-900-9356
Address: 1488 FM, The Woodlands, United States
Website: https://whitelightmassage.wordpress.com/
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Massage: $80 for 70 minutes & $110 for 100 minutes

Every massage can be a variation of modalities depending on the goals of the client and my advice after evaluation. For a complete list of modalities and their descriptions scroll to the bottom of this page. Ten minutes of each session is dedicated to my set-up/break-down and pre/post interview with the client. Your health is my number one priority!

Hydrotherapy: $15

“Man’s first cure for what ailed him was water. Ancient hunters learned this by observing injured animals who would treat their wounds in natural springs. Early bathing practices were considered spiritual, hygienic, therapeutic, and social.” -Steiner Ed. Group, Hydrotherapy and Spa Preparation.

Prossage Application-a warming oil to assist in breaking up tissues and creating vasodilation.

Biofreeze Application-a cooling gel used to decreased inflammation, increased circulation and metabolism in tissues, and commonly used during hot/cold contrast therapy.

Hot Stones-the use of heated stones to work tension out of the body and increase relaxation key points.

Ice Therapy-the use of ice cups to decrease swelling and inflammation in an area. Great for acute injuries which cannot receive massage!

Aroma Room: $23

On demand made product with essential oils to assist reaching a specific goal ie., relaxation, headache relief, energize, anti-germ, increased focus, and more. Product is applied during session and the remainder of product is yours to keep! Order sugar/salt scrubs, crème, oil, honey mask, and bath bombs. Please inquire about available essential oils.

Full Body Wrap: $70

Did you ever want to wrap yourself in a cocoon and come out feeling like a butterfly with wings that made you feel you could go anywhere and do anything? Enjoy a light oil massage leading into the wrap being secured comfortably around you. Your body heat will remain in the wrap with you working with the oil to produce a health skin glow. While the wrap is closed you will continue to receive scalp, facial, and neck massage. This is available in only 70 minute sessions.

Reflexology: $35

A technique from ancient Chinese medicine practices, this pin point application to the feet, and sometimes the hands, will focus on your entire body internally and externally. Reflexology can access points affecting body systems, organs, areas of the body afflicted by pain, tension, and injuries, and create feelings of overall relaxation. This is available in 45 minute sessions.

SPA Party: $160

Massage for everyone, Prizes, Q&A, DIY product lab, and Sample the products I use during massage. This is two hours of fun you won’t want to pass up. Minimum 4 people required.

Couples’ Sessions:

Perfect for date night, anniversary celebration, birthday present, BFF night, and more! Please contact for individual quotes and minimum 48 hours in advance.

Chair Massage:

Great for parties, corporate settings, vendor fairs, and large groups. Chair massage typically lasts 10-15 minutes. A great pick-me-up, pain cycle interference, increase in mental clarity, and recharge. Must book for a minimum of two hours.

Gift Certificates and Packages:

Give the gift that everyone wants-good health! Customize a massage gift certificate for someone you really care about.

Buy 4 get one FREE

Buy 8 get two FREE

Applies to gift certificates and massage packages of equal value.

Buy 3 get one FREE reflexology package

Must be paid for altogether and does not include travel fees. Travel for FREE session is NOT dismissed.

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